Online Nomination Form

A new icon has been added to the Home page – NOMINATE – at the top right. Click on this icon and you will be introduced to our new online nomination form.  This form has been done in an abbreviated fashion so that anyone can quickly and easily nominate and submit a new candidate for the CVHS Athletic Hall of Fame. Once submitted, your nominee will be considered for entry into the HOF. A few items to remember: the HOF Committee will start reviewing new nominees in the Fall of 2022; the announcement of the new class of inductees will take place in the Winter of 2023; the next induction ceremony will take place in the Spring of 2023.

Some guidelines for completing the form:

  • Nominees must have graduated ten years prior to induction year (therefore, 2011 or prior)
  • Please include the nominees e-mail and telephone information. We sometimes contact them for further information and will eventually need this if they are formally invited to the induction ceremony
  •  Include your own (nominators) email information for the same reasons
  •  Nominations can be made in three areas: 1) Individual athletes 2) Teams 3) Coaches, Administrators or Community members who have made significant contributions to the Clayton Valley sports programs
  • Please list all sports that the individual athlete, coach or contributor was involved in
  • List the years they participated, i.e. – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior – or timeline of contributions of coaches, administrators, or community supporters
  • Please list, by year, accomplishments, awards and recognitions received by nominee. These can include school awards, all-league honors, championships won and so on
  • We also like to know something about college, career and family. Many CVHS athletes have gone on to college sports careers, professional sports and even the Olympics
  • We will reach out to the nominee or nominator if we need additional information
  •  If you have questions or inquiries please contact the Committee at
  •  THANKS!